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    I am looking to make some models of half-life mod (Natural Selection) to bring with me on my trip in a few months where I am going to be stopping by their new offices and giving them as a surprise gift. (just in case there is some legal issue with doing this?)

    I have some of the character models from the HL mod in a .mdl format. AccuTrans3D states that it can open .mdl files but when I try it on the ones in the game it says the file type is unknown and will not open (guess HL uses the same extension). I downloaded a Gldsrc model viewer (Jed's) but it can't export the model into any other format.

    Is there anything more I can try or will I need to look at getting the original files to do this? I can get them, it just might tip them off I am up to something :)


    I've attached one of the models just in case anyone wants to try an idea.

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    Hmm, I know it sounds weird, but this technique sometimes works for me when a program won't recognise a filetype that it should:

    -open the file in another program that allegedly can open the .mdl file. I think you might have some luck with the program Milkshape. It's free and accepts mdl as well as other game-specific files.

    -then export it as a .mdl

    -then open in accutrans and continue.

    If this doesn't work, but you *can* open the file in Milkshape. Then export it from Milkshape as a .obj file and import this into Accutrans. This should work.

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    You sir are my hero! It took a lot of fiddling (most of the decompiled models did not work in Milkshape, but I finally found one that did).

    Thanks again!