G-scale playtime

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  1. New prints in polished WSF arrived today from Shapeways, and made me come back from work earlier. ;)
    Both I and my 8 years old boy were very excited.

    Pieces all look very nice ! For the smaller ones I have been using a 1mm thick small loop.

    the full pack.JPG

    Two of the pieces were due to fix some older G-scale switches, with too large gaps, that made locomotives go of the rails.
    I made a mess on this one. I guess I was out by a few degrees when I measured angles on the switch.
    But the material is flexible, so gluing it should work.

    fixing switches.JPG

    All the rest is about allowing my son using Lego bricks together with the G-scale track in his room.
    This includes some couplers to be used with others cars. The advanced coupler version has a hook, but I am not sure how it will resist over time as I fear the spring part is a bit too fragile.

    coupler with hook.JPG

    I also got axle boxes for metal wheels - this will need some post-processing work to lower friction, as I designed the piece a bit too tight.


    That's it for now ! Let's play !

    lets play.JPG

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  2. MitchellJetten
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    This is so great!

    Using 3D printed parts so your son can use his Lego together with the G scale trains!
  3. lensman
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    Excellent use of 3D printing with other objects.