Futuristic Idea? I can help you with 3D Modeling, Toy Design, Product Design and Industrial Design.

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    Hello Shapewayers,

    As a 3D Modeler, Render Artist, Animator, and 3D Consultant in New York, I can help you realize your idea from its beginning stages to its 3D model finish. I specialize in 2D to 3D Concept Design, Toy Design, and Industrial/Mechanical Design.Or, If you need help with file formatting & conversion, I can help you edit and prepare your model. If you have a wild idea or a simple one, we can work together to produce high quality results.

    Rates are fixed/Revision Retainers apply
    Projects require : Designer/Client Approved Proposal
    Paypal preferred. All Quotes & Contracts are artist/client approved.
    Feel free to email 24/7
    Happy 3D'ing!


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  2. ShishiRanger
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    I just PMed you a project for you to do :).
  3. PierceWorks3D
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    Hi my name is Chris,

    My wife and I own a small jewelry studio and are interested to see what you maybe able to do for us. I had wanted to check out your portfolio, but the link you have posted redirected me to a 'page not found'. If you wouldn't mind sending me a new link or attachment showing a bit of what you can do, that would be great.
    Also, wanted to ask about your rates and turn around times for one off designs as well as larger collection of designs (20-30 pieces)

    At our studio we design earrings, ear gauges and plugs. Some of them are fairly ornate and others more simplified. I will attach a photo with a one of the more ornate designs being worn by a model, so you can have an idea of the kind designs we have.

    Thank you for your time,

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  4. johnot
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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for inquiring about my services. I have included my correct 3D link here http://johnot.viewbook.com/album/johnot-3dmodel
    As well the image below is a recent piece made that exhibits ornate design.

    Looking at your image attached, I can definitely help you model your jewelry. My standard rate is $30/hr. I can of course pro-rate this as per the number of designs you would like. Depending on the detail of the design a jewelry model can cost any where from $60-$120. Thus, the simpler design the less expensive.

    If you would like to choose a bulk package I can give you a discount per model. I am open to discussing a price point that works for both of us. Thank you again for reaching out and I hope we can work together. Talk shortly.


    John O.T.

  5. michelleisfirst
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    How much do you charge for your work? I need to have something I created in illustrator re-created as a 3D model on shapeway.

    Best regards,

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    hi there, can anyone help with this file? ive tried uploading several times with no success.


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  7. stonysmith
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    Your model has several shells, none of which are "watertight".
    Imagine a cube. It has six faces. You are essentially missing one of those faces.

    Also, the units on this item are way to large.. it's over 2000 units, which even as MM is too large for the printers.
  8. johnot
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    Hi Chris I am very much interested in working for you. Have you the interest in my services?

    Best, John O.T.
  9. johnot
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    LEt's Create!