Futuristic Idea? 3D Modeling, Toy Design, Product Design is my game. Friendly, Fast, Fun projects.

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    Hello Shapewayers,

    Been on vacation so my apologies for all those I have yet to respond to! As a 3D Modeler, Animator, and 3D Consultant in New York I can help you realize your 3D idea from its beginning stages to brilliant 3D model finish. I specialize in Toy Design, Jewelry, and Industrial/Mechanical Design. Should you have a wild idea or a simple one, we can work together to produce high quality results.

    Rates are fixed/Revision Retainers apply/Projects include: Proposal + Render+Model.
    Paypal preferred. Quotes & Contracts based on scale and artist/client approved payment plan.
    Feel free to email 24/7
    Happy 3D'ing!



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