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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Futtminx is a tribute to the brilliant Tuttminx design by Lee Tutt, which has been mass produced by Leslie Lee / VeryPuzzle. The hexagonal faces of the original Tuttminx can only be turned by multiples of 120 degrees. If one tries to makes 60-degrees turns with the Tuttminx, then adjacent turns are blocked. It is not possible to fully unbandage Tuttminx into a doctrinaire puzzle, as Tuttminx is arguably a puzzle that jumbles.

    "Futtminx" stands for "Fudged Tuttminx". The corners are fudged into threefold symmetry, where all edges are fudged and made identical. The puzzle has a lot of gaps between the pieces as a result of the fudging. Also, the pieces shift a bit during a turn to make all turns possible, including 60-degrees hexagon turns.

    One innovation of this puzzle is that 31 of the centers are bolted from the inside out. This saves a lot of work for placing caps on the centers and it looks better. The 32nd center has a long bolt that bolts the two core hemispheres together.

    Watch the YouTube video.
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    Check out the photos below.



    Futtminx v2 - prototype - view 1.jpg

    Futtminx v2 - prototype - view 2.jpg

    Futtminx v2 - prototype - view 3.jpg

    Futtminx v2 - prototype - view 4.jpg