Funfairmodels for 1:220 and 1:160

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  1. periocus
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    I am a funfairmodeler (this is actually an independent hobby) and just wanted to share two of my models, which i received some days back and which are now painted.

    The first one is a "Babyflug" kiddie jet and the second a Break Dance 3 ride.


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  2. lensman
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    Holy ****! That's some miniature painting...
  3. periocus
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    Thank you very much. :)
  4. Jettuh
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    Ohhhh wow! :eek:

    You should have printed those in FUD!
  5. periocus
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    Thank you for the feedback.

    A clear Yeano. It is true that the details would come out nicer in FUD, but i tried and made some research within my fellow funfairmodelers.

    SLS is a bit rough when you come close, but i think it is the easiest material to handel. Not only for me, but for the ones interested to buy them.
    The ones who bought a model in FUD had some trouble painting it for example. While the feedback on the other models is 95% positive.

    I tried to open up both materials, but that got people confused actually. So i got back to keep them in SLS. :) And mostly everyone is happy.
  6. periocus
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    Funfairmodels outside a layout are not really nice, i think. The flair is missing very much. So i want to add here two dioramas in 1:220 i made.

    First of all Sommerfest at the old harbour. The layout is 21 cm by 14 cm (8.26 inch by 5,51 inch) and prints i used here are:
    - Miamiride
    - Babyjet "Flying toys" as shown above
    - Lottery consession
    - High Striker
    - Boxing Automat
    - Consession "licence plates"
    - Game Mississippi Steamer Derby
    - Consession "Ice Cream"
    - kiddio coin up automat

    The houses are mass products i had already here, before i got aware of shapeways.

    10416581_570643829718512_2365388585736450774_n.jpg 10402843_570642943051934_177717475642091163_n.jpg 10392461_570643626385199_9097050805063652770_n.jpg 10390556_570643343051894_8230493846554252724_n.jpg 10380295_570643349718560_1088829880638788362_n.jpg So.

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  7. periocus
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    Second is the small town fair. The layout is about 20 cm by 20 cm (7.87 inch by 7.87 inch) and the prints i used here are:
    - Break Dance 3 (shown above)
    - Ferris wheel
    - kiddiesport ride
    - Game "Knödelgaudi"
    - Game "Shooting Saloon"
    - Consession "Crepes"
    - Consession "the sweet train"
    - truthteller camping
    - large Livingtrailer
    - camping

    6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 2.jpg