Full color Sandstone "Not Printable"

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  1. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    Hello. I uploaded a model with the following dimensions: cm: 1.5 w x 6.8 d x 2.4 h / 4.30 cm³

    This becomes available in many materials but not in full color sandstone. It IS available in regular sandstone. Isn't regular sandstone a different finish of the same material? Why is sandstone available and full color sandstone isn't? The walls are 2mm at its thinnest.

    Please help.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Did you upload a colored model, zipped together with the color map? If not, full color is not an option.
  3. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    Thank you for your response. Finally I think I was able to upload it. Is there a way to preview the colors of your model before sending to print? my preview is still grayshaded (maybe that means I didn't upload it right?)
  4. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    I am not meaning to sound rude, but what program did you create it in, and what format was the file you uploaded? It can get a little confusing until you get the technique down. 1 more question, did it have a texture, or just material colors assigned to faces?

    One problem occurs when you put the model export, texture files in a folder, then zip the folder. Just select the export file and texture files, then zip the selected at one time. That zipped file is what you browse for at upload time.
    If you want just attach the folder and post it here.
  5. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    Hey Fredd. you don't sound rude at all.
    -I am using maya and zbrush.
    -I am using a texture file
    -I export a both .wrl and .x3d files with zbrush.
    -I can upload .x3d files only as the .wrl has sizing issues.
    -Not Maya nor Zbrush import either .x3d or .wrl files and so I can't check if my file and UV's are exported correctly.
    -Zbrush has a problem were it flips the UV's vertically and the map that is created when I export the .x3d files are flipped both vertical and horizontally. With all this flipping how can I know for sure if my texture is right?
    - I just want to preview the texture in the file. When I do so, it will easy for me to flip if needed.
    -I am not zipping a folder just the .x3d file and a .jpeg texture (2048x2048)

    Last but no least... what is this .wrl and .x3d business? Why can't I just upload the globally accepted Obj which has UV information? oh well.

    Is there a way to preview my textures in shapeways before I send it to print?

    all your help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
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  7. jamesnix
    jamesnix New Member
    You could get rid of the separate texture file by painting the jpeg texture file directly onto the model using spotlight in Zbrush. Then you will have a polypainted color model, and all you need to do then is export it as .wrl. Then zip just the .wrl file on its own and upload this zipped .wrl to shapeways. No need for any other file type. It will work then and you'll have your full color model.
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  8. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    James that is totally intriguing technique. Could you post a small example file here I could experiment with please?

  9. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    Hello. Attached is a test with a .x3d file exported from meshlab. While exporting, only the option "Wedge-TexCoord was selected".

    The attachment is a zip file that contains the .x3d object and a a .jpeg texture. This is what I uploaded to shapeways and my preview does NOT have colors.

    I appreciate all your help.

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  10. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Gah, I was snooping on google about textures and how they are applied in Z brush. You need to google these sources too. Gave me a bad headache. I know there are folks here that use Zbrush, just wait on more responses. or start a new thread, Zbush color exports.
    I am still snooping.

    This sounds like what you might need, confused me, http://www.shapeways.com/tutorials/fixing_maya_full_color_vr ml_with_magics

    I opened the file with wordpad. It did not show a texture applied. Which is prolly why no textures are showing. Did not show a texture in Blender either. With meshlab if a texture shows,its been properly applied to a UV map. Read the tut above, will show you how to apply textures properly to the model. For help in Meshlab for export to x3D plus scaling stuff, post or PM me for help.

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  11. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Something is wrong with your export or something. Can you provide an obj? Looking at your x3d file (open it with notepad) there is no mention of texture file or test.jpg.
  12. MidnightCreations
    MidnightCreations New Member
    Why are materials ignored in Collada (DAE) files?
  13. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Midnight, what program are you using to export/import .dae?.
    If it Sketchup, you might need to explode the model for the materials/uv mapping to work for a dae,

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  14. MidnightCreations
    MidnightCreations New Member
    Cinema 4D.

    I've verified the XML includes materials and the exact same test file has colours when uploaded to competitive service.

    The upload page lists "color uploads" as "WRL,X3D,X3DB, X3DV files" - no DAE listed - suggesting the format isn't checked for textures.
  15. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Yup, I agree that .dae does export textures and colors. Have changed many Skettchups collada into x3d files for color prints. The only thing I can figure out is the formats Shapeways does except can be opened up by notepad/wordpad to garner the information needed for printing in color. What is hilarious is that .dae supports scene data, none of the others when I export from Blender
  16. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    Hello this is how I solved the problem
    1. Export OBJ from maya
    2. Import mesh in Meshlab http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/
    3. Filter>Texture>Set Texture.
    4. In the window that appears you need to type the name of your PNG (only) file that has to be located in the same directory as your mesh.
    5. To check if your texture is applied correctly click Render>Show UV Tex Param. You should see a UV layout with your texture on it.
    6. Export a .PLY file.
    7. Create a New document.
    8. Import the PLY file you just created. (You should see the texture on the object as you tumble around it).
    9. Export a X3D File with ONLY the option "Wedge>Text Coord" selected
    10. Zip the X3D file with the PNG texture
    11. Upload the zip to shapeways.

    YES, you NEED to export to PLY first and then to x3d because otherwise IT WON'T WORK in shapeways.
    YES, it was a f..king darling to figure out.
  17. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    More than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes. Just wondering, your vrml that had the wrong scale, did it's color show up? vrml defaults to meters as the units, so you'd have to scale your model to meters before exporting. Also try using Netfab for your conversions. It's specifically built for making printable models.
  18. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Sheesh, that is a big mess Lacluna. I guess a few curses were uttered. For curiousity's sake could you upload another test object with a uv map to see if I can simplify your work flow with Blender?
    Congrats for persevering in your quest.:)
  19. lacluna
    lacluna New Member
    The color didn't show up with the vmrl
  20. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    I experimented with the darling project some more. Opened up a .obj file which had a UV mapped texture in Meshlab. Exported as a x3D. in the box that opened up , I un-clicked vertex color and vertex normal only. Zipped it and the texture, showed up in SW correct, although the faces that had different face materials did not show diffuse colors. For some odd reason when you use Meshlab to convert an obj to x3D,while ML might show face diffuse materials in in the render, does not show up at SW.
    Continuing experiments and cursing .obj