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    I'm looking for some help with file conversion and texture mapping. I downloaded 3D files from the BTTF video game and want to print them in color as a birthday present for my brother. The problem is that I have practically no experience with texture mapping and character modeling. Also I don't have the necessary programs to do this. I primarily use SolidWorks, which is about as far away from character modeling and texture mapping as you can get. I know that you can apply color to the models in SolidWorks, but it would be a nightmare to try and recreate the coloring.

    What I'm looking for is someone who can convert my files into a VRML97 or X3D file with the proper texture mappings. I have two models that I want to print, each one is available as a 3DS, C4D, or OBJ file. I also have the texture files and reference photos.

    I am more than willing to barter for goods and services. Please let me know if you can be of any help.


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    If you're willing to sign a document to say you hired me to produce a model ripped off from a game and that you shall pay any and all fees due to the consequenses of such a model produced, then, yep I'm up for the challenge, otherwise this is just another copyright infringement waiting to happen.


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  3. MatarazzoDesigns
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    I have no plans to sell the models. I only want to make a copy of them to give as a gift. I see no difference between what I want to do and a hobbyist recreating movie replicas in their basement.

    If I were to sell these (which again I will not) then I see your point. I believe that what I want to do falls under the "fair use" area of copyright law.
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    Would you be willing to sign a document to say that the person you hired to recreate the ripped off game models is totally under your employment and that you take full responsibility for any and all consequences for such a 3D model produced?

    It is not a trick question.

    You see, for people that hire me, I give them full rights to the 3D model file to do so as they see fit. Now if I am hired to produce a ripoff for 'personal use' I want reasurance that the person hiring me to produce that 3D file is not just going to release it on Thingiverse or whatever website and get me in a big pile of do-do. Catch my drift?


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    are these in that parvue?

    un compress them with winRAR its free i think or 7zip

    btw Blender 3D free GPL program can import and export .3ds ( true story ) and .obj files
    and import and export .x3d FYI

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  6. MatarazzoDesigns
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    If by parvue you mean the zip file BTTF.Zip then yes. I have them unzipped as well as 3DS, C4D, or OBJ file.

    I've never used Blender. I'm very familiar with SolidWorks, VectorWorks, and SketchUp but I haven't gotten into the more organic/sculptural side of 3D modeling yet.
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    I think there are some tools in Blender, and some other opensource 3d printer programs that can automate your process for you. As it would them be a personal project, you would be solely responsible for the printing, and may only worry about the copyright that Shapeways has to abide by.

    Hmmm, I don't think I can do it automatically, as there are lots of "holes" in the mesh that need joining up. So it might need to be done by hand. :/
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