Full color model on the limit of the rules?

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  1. jasolo
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    I'm designing a full color model but probably some elements aren't applying some of the rules for that material, so I need advice. The model has 1 shell with 4 parts, each one shown with a different color for clarity.


    First, the green bar has a diameter of 3mm and a length around 11cm. Maybe this is very delicate or lacks structural strength? I could replace it by two holes of 1mm to pass a nylon thread through them.

    Second, the orange part is supported only by the blue one and a little by the gray base. Orange and blue parts are on perpendicular planes. In case of problem, I could widen the union zone. For the base union, a prolongation of the orange part is also possible.

    Third, another structural strength question, the union of the blue part with the base, now with an area of 8x10mm. If necessary I could increase it.

    And finally, how durable is full color material outdoors? Maybe the wax will get lost under the sun? The main texture will be black numbers and marks over white or a light color, so no problem as those marks remain.
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    The green bar seem quite fragile, so I would least double the thicness of it.

    also the sun motif has a long leverage and might break as it is not supported anywhere. scaling it along the z-axis might help but I doubt it still might break during handling or delivery.

    Here´s a simple overpaint:

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  3. jasolo
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    I cannot increase the diameter of the green bar, because its shade will mark the hour (it's a sundial), so the solution will be to remove the bar and use a thread (the hole solution). I'm thinking about making a conical hole where the minimum diameter will be 1 mm.

    About the sun, I can increase progressively the height as it approaches the union with the moon (blue part).
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  4. aeron203
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    Good use of color, but I am concerned about the shapes. Even though you have made the parts very beefy, I just can't imagine it would survive very long even if they can print it. You are also right about fading. You would need a UV protective coating.

    I know you said you combined them into one shell, but if you can print the parts separately it would be easy to then color and assemble them. If you hollow them, I believe they will be less expensive in WSF than in solid Sandstone so you will have a more durable model for less money.
  5. jasolo
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    The use of full color sandstone is because of the printed scale of the hours (not shown in the picture). The other colors (sun, moon,...) were only for clarity, but they could be also a possibility.

    Another option would be to use full color only for a ring with the printed scale and use another material (WSF) for the rest of the model (just a two part model). Or to use only WSF and left the final user to print the scale (paper+plastic, plastic). I know I can make the scale as 3d shapes or hollowed, but I'm not sure about their visibility. Maybe using two colors: WSF for the frame and black for the scale?
  6. aeron203
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    You can emphasize the markings on the scale through the finishing if you add them in 3D. It is a complication if others might be buying it, but a glazing or similar technique could really bring that out, and a weathered metal finish would be very appropriate for a sun dial.

    You may have seen this other thread posted today where someone made an excellent reproduction of the main characters helmet from the video game "Dead Space". The finish is very convincingly copper-like.