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  1. stop4stuff
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    Euro 4 in 1 Micro Maille
    As printed, this sampler patch has 0.3mm 'wire' rings with internal diameter of 1.5mm. The rings have 0.1mm spacing - I have been informed that some fo the rings have less than 0.3mm wall thickness and that I need to adjust things slighlty.

    Large image here

    Large image here

    3 strand Mobius in FUD
    My 3 strand Mobius (forum image) formed by the wax support material filling hollow space inside a block of FUD

    Large image here

    Tiny Kraken in crystal
    A tiny squid formed by the wax filling the hollow space within a block of FUD.

    Large image here

    I'll be polishing the surfaces fo the above two models.

    3x3x3 Twisty Puzzle (aka Rubiks Cube)
    My first attempt at making the worlds smallest working Rubiks Cube - aticipating failure, I ordered 9 of the wee beasties to analyze the failures.

    Large image here

    First failure - mostly all of the parts were freed after soaking out the wax support material in hot water. Two of the edge pieces had fused to center pieces and three of the centers had fused to the central spider spindles. It was one of the central spindles that broke leading to this failure.
    Large image here

    A close up of the central spider spindles.
    Large image here

    On with the funFUD!

  2. mctrivia
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    cool idea of using the wax like that
  3. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Thanks :)
    Now if only I can get the wax out of the little cubes & make them work.

  4. Nane
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    You are so crazy for making that tiny chainmail! Crazy! Like a fox! :D FUD really rocks. Just wow, and of course Shapeways for implementing it so fantastically and afford-ably!
  5. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Is it supposed to be missing the one ring?
  6. The trapped wax looks very neat! I wouldn't have thought to use it that way.

    Your models seem to have come out quite well. I guess the complexity of the outer surface may be a factor in how well the wax comes off.
  7. aeron203
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    Very nice work, amazing detail.

    Maybe a mild solvent like mineral spirits could dissolve the wax without affecting the acrylic.

    Edit: I just checked on this and mineral spirits will dissolve paraffin and has less effect on acrylic plastic. Your parts have so much surface area though, it may be better to try (warm)alcohol. That won't dissolve wax as easily but stands less of a chance of softening the parts.
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  8. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    No, I think it was the one ring that was maybe too thin, even though all the rings are C&Pd.

    @aeron203, I have some white spirit (aka mineral sprit) here somewhere... it's worth sacrificing a little cube just to find out :twisted:

    Thanks everyone for your good words :)

  9. dizingof
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    That wax effect opens up lots of ideas - well done !

  10. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Absolutely agree with Dizingof.

    This "Tiny Kraken in crystal
    A tiny squid formed by the wax filling the hollow space within a block of FUD." absolutely gives me an answer to something I have been playing with in my head and not being able to come up with a workable solution. Now I do!


  11. ceramicwombat
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    Cool stuff, stop4stuff!

    I agree, the trapped wax is a nice effect. I recently reordered a set of dice I originally designed for Transparent Detail a year ago. I was disappointed with the resolution of Transparent Detail and scrapped the idea until FD and FUD came along. I tweaked the design and ordered a set in both FD and FUD yesterday. I saw this thread today and realized I might have been better off without escape holes for the wax. Ah well, the design may require another tweak.

    And I agree with you, Dizingof, this does open up a lot of possibilities

  12. mctrivia
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  13. sithlorderic
    sithlorderic New Member
    Can you post pics of the parts above after you polished the exterior? I'm interested in trying to use this process to model an exploded view of an engine. Not sure if I can get the detail I would need though.
  14. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Here you go sithlorderic;



  15. aae83
    aae83 New Member
    Very nice work, Paul: lots of possibilities there!

    Am wondering if a coating of Future acrylic floor polish would make those items truly transparent... might be worth a try.


  16. kspaho
    kspaho New Member
    Amazing work!

    I love the trapped wax, definitely gave me some ideas
  17. jrey
    jrey New Member
    So I suppose this is no longer possible now that Shapeways removes all interior geometry?
  18. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    If I'm not mistaken, these were printed after the software update, You just have to have a hole that is too small for the material to escape.
  19. jrey
    jrey New Member
    Ah, interesting. Thanks for the info.
  20. stop4stuff
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    Yep, you need a very small hole (sub 0.1mm) and then some patience with Customer Services when the model gets rejected (as it will for not having a big enough escape hole) - my usual is to quote the Desgin guidelines If your escape holes (i.e., holes in hollow parts) are not big enough, there may be support wax that still remains inside when we finish producing your product. This gives your piece a frosted look, which might look cool, but might also not meet your design intentions. - and explain the model does look cool and the trapped wax is part of the design intention as a feature of the model.

    On another note, as yet, I've not had an issue with the wax leaking out over time as suggested on the material page.