FUD part removed before curing? [reprint's correct]

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  1. GWMT
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    Yo Nancy!!

    Was this part removed from the print table before it had fully solidified or did somebody get extra medieval on it with the scraper?

    CN switchstand HO Deformation.jpg

    The print layers at the bottom that project 0.9mm below the sprues and the front sprue (on the right side of the image) were deformed - the layers shifted backwards like a deck of cards as the knife scraped the part off the build table.

    There was very little deformation on the projections at the back of the piece because it popped off the table since the knife had broken 98% of the part free by that point.

    If this is going to happen every time how should I redesign the part to prevent damage by the scraper when you remove it from the table? Or do you need to leave a thicker layer of wax between the very bottom of the part and the build table top for protection?
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I notified Nancy for ya ;) and Ana too.
  3. GWMT
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    The reprinted part is here - everything's nice and straight!
    CN switchstand HO Back End reprint.jpg
  4. GWMT
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    The diagonal ridges are also gone from the sides:
    CN switchstand HO reprint Side.jpg
    I hope Shapeways can always print FD/FUD this well!