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  1. amph
    amph New Member
    Hi everyone !!!

    After a hard work of conceptualizing, 3d modeling, and digital sculpting I have my art toy finished and ready for 3d printing, but I have a crucial question:

    What it's the best choice in terms of material for a 4 inch piece, that its' slightly detailed and i need a smooth surface (more or less) for silicone RTv molding and resin casting.
    I bet is FUD, but i have been reading really bad experiences with the prints (printing lines,etc...)
    In the other hand, I think white detail can be nice if FUD problems are not solved. I read the machine for white detail is the Objet Eden 500 v (it seems an xcellent machine)

    Soo....What I can choose??!!! Any suggestions???

    Cheers from Spain!!!!
  2. swbarrett
    swbarrett New Member
    I don't have your answer because I came in here to ask the same question. After perusing the forum and reading about the issues with FUD I went ahead and ordered my first test print in WD. If the resolution is decent, it'll be right off to my casting guy on Jeweler's Row to see how he feels about molding it to be cast in silver.

    Anyway I'll also be eagerly watching this thread.

    - Sean
  3. lensman
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    Try posting a message in the Post Production Techniques forum and make your title relevant. i.e. "What's the best material for RTV molding?" You'll get more response that way. Also, search the forums for this topic since many people have posted this sort of information.

  4. amph
    amph New Member
    I know WD or FUD are ok for mold making, I just want to know if white detail is good enough and if FUD issues are solved...I just want a smooth piece (at least enough...)

  5. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
  6. amph
    amph New Member
    Thnx Pfeiffer!!!

    So u can recomend me white detail ??? I know a little bit of post-po will be necessary, but i think is a nice solution...
  7. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    I'll receive some bigger WhiteDetail models in mid december, and then I'll decide which material (White Detail or WSFp) I'll use as master pieces for silicone molds.
    But, according to what I've seen so far, I'm pretty sure both materials have a significant smoother surface than FD/FUD with the "popular" surface striping issue.
  8. amph
    amph New Member
    Pfeiffer! I'm gonna order WD today, I've seen pieces made with the Objet printer (white detail 3d prints are made with Objet machines...), and are quite detailed and smooth. I'll post some close ups when recieved. Hope Shapeways can realize this succesfully..

    (the piece is not to small, like 4 inch x 5 inch x3 inch....and the detail is not too tiny, because is a art toy;not a miniature....)

    Thanks !!!