FUD frosting and ruining the parts

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by pumpjet, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. pumpjet
    pumpjet New Member
    Remember all those frosted Ultra detail parts I was having issues with??
    Well tonight I was contemplating how to resurrect them to make them usable, if at all possible.
    I noticed that the cakey frost would sort of flake off when I scraped an Xacto blade over the surface. Still there was some unevenness to the surface afterwords.
    So I tried a trick us modelers use on airplane canopies.
    A bath in Future Floor Wax. It is Acrylic but in liquid form.
    The nice thing about this stuff is it is self-leveling.

    So I dunked some pretty frosted parts in it and let them dry. So far they look much better than the raw frosted parts I had. Maybe a second bath tomorrow and see how they look. The Future is used to seal decals and to put a barrier between different composition paints.
    ie...Acrylic vs lacquer based paints.
    It may be the answer to the frosting if that is an issue with your particular parts.

    Remember this is still in the testing phase and I will post how the look after the second bath ( after 24hours dry time for bath #1.

    Back to the drawing board.......

  2. rkapuaala
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    Bob, how well did this work for you? Do you have any images?
    Also, did it blur the detail?
  3. pumpjet
    pumpjet New Member
    Well it didn't hurt. The surface detail is still there and so is some
    of the nastier frosting. But after the 1st dunk it did not look to bad after drying. Future can be applied and as it self levels some of the frosted flat surfaces looked a little better.

    I am trying an air eraser tomorrow with 600 grit set a low PSI. Maybe that will provide a solution.
    I did not try the vibratory rock tumbler just yet. I will have to build a support for the parts first.

    I will post pics after this weeks testing.