Frosted Ultra Detail Silicon Mold

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cero, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. cero
    cero New Member
    Hey everybody,

    I'm trying to create some silicon molds of some Frosted Ultra Detail parts I've created and the silicon keeps sticking to the parts. It's like their too porous. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions? I'm using the Smooth-on OOMOO 30 and OOMOO 25. If there is a different type of silicon mold mix I should be using? I've lost two batches of molds and the parts are shot, need to order more.

    Any help would be good. Thanks!

  2. Briggsmodels
    Briggsmodels New Member
    It does that. Just clean the parts and spray paint them. I always paint these parts, as I sandblast them first as well.
  3. wiwa
    wiwa New Member
    Did you forget the mold release?
  4. j8jake
    j8jake New Member
  5. cero
    cero New Member
    I did use mold release. Is kinda worked, but it still stuck to the mold in spots. I'll try the primer idea next, got to wait until next shipment comes.