Friendly, open-minded 3D modeler for Hire!

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  1. harryapeman
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    About me:
    Hi, my name is Harry. I've been modeling for almost six years now. I'm always looking to grow my skills and offer them to other people! I'm really easy to get along with and would love to bring your ideas to fruition

    Expertise: I have a background in Computer animation. I'm very good at combining both organic and mechanical styles.

    Experience: After nearly six years of hobby model making, I'm now confident that I can lend my services to others.

    Portfolio: You can see two of my pieces right here at Shapeways!

    And here a portfolio of some of my more recent works:

    Rate: I would love to do piece work. We can base the price off of the complexity of the model and your own personal budget. Let's talk!
  2. pacheco8200
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    I would like to make a model of my house for a snowglobe. I tried sketchuo for a few hours but dont have the time at the moment and i would like to be able to print this by valentines day. I got the idea from this site,
    it doesnt need to be to detailed because it will only be a few inches in size. I have multiple pictures from the perimeter of my house. I will include one so you can get an idea. Please let me know how much and and by when I could have it? Thanks

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  3. avianmosquito
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    Hello. My name is Jeremy Williams, and I'm looking for a 3d modeler for a video game my team is working on. The only option for payment is an even share of sales. Contact me at if you're interested.
  4. knh717
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    Hi There,

    I saw you on Shapeway's forum and was wondering if you would be interested in helping me.

    I have a bunch of various symbols in flat 2D Photoshop
    files (but can convert the designs into any other format).

    Im looking for a 3D modeler/designer to take these images and work with me to make them into a 3D design for jewelry prototypes, physical models using Shapeways.

    I am new to this program, so I am trying to be as specific as possible. If interested, would be glad to provide more info and pay for each design.

    Thank you,

  5. harryapeman
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    Hey there Katie,

    I'd be happy to work with you, and I'd love to hear more info. Do you want to send me a few examples, so I can get a good idea of the complexity you're looking at.

    PSD format works fine for me, but if the files are too large to send via email, I can also accept them in a png or jpg format.

    If you'd like to contact me directly, my email is