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    For fast and friendly high quality 3D design and consultation services look no further than OT3D

    Hi Shapewayers, I would like to first thank you for the great ideas you have brought my way. For exclusive 3D Modeling, Product Design and 3D Consultation I can help you realize your 3D idea from its beginning stages to its printed finish. I specialize in Signature Consumer Product, Art Design, Sculpture, Toy Design, Jewelry, Household item design, and Industrial/Mechanical Design. Should you have a wild idea or a simple one, we can work together to realize your vision.


    Rates are negotiable/Revision Rates apply
    Square, Venmo & Paypal accepted. International Clients welcome.
    Feel free to email 24/7
    Happy 3D'ing!

    STAGES - A project will have a few steps. If we work together on each step I can design & produce the product(s) you desire with the correct specifications.

    1. PrePro- To exact firm measurements, it is first smart for us to isolate the correct production methods and optimization requirements for the final product(s). Material selection, thickness requirements, Bounding Boxes, and Volume are all necessary ingredients in this process. I can, in this preliminary phase, supply useful and applicable knowledge. This will pre-tell the printing cost and allow us to pick the best material and 3d printing house.

    2. 3D Modeling- I will be able to design the various model(s) you've suggested. I use a combination of BLENDER, RHINO, MESHLAB, and NETFABB to create, edit, and check models. Each model at this stage will have been checked for printing capability. Questions about aesthetic, structure, and dynamic usually arrive during this stage. At the conclusion of this phase specifications and look are nailed down and readied for 3d printing.

    3. 3D Print Formatting - During this last stage model(s) are checked for errors, (thin walls, holes, bad normals, floating pieces, etc.) I send all model(s) through a verified test printability test to ensure 100% printability. Models are thickened, sized and cleaned and given the green light at the end of this stage.

    4. Let's Chat! Please view the attached. I have prepared a detailed guide that addresses many topics such as rates, deadlines, and correspondence expectations. This doc will outline how we may best work together on the project. I can happily forward you this term sheet as I see interest to move forward.

    5. Payment- I accept a negotiable flat fee

    JOHN O.T.3D



    Articulated Female, 2015

    Custom 3D Fashion, 2013
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    I was wondering if you do any scale rc applications?
    I am looking for a 1/10th or 1/12 the scale Suzuki Samurai to put onto a scale rc chassis.
    It is all up to wheel well length on true scale size.
    Let me know what you think .
    Thank you
    Dan Piepul
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    Hey wondering if you could do some eyewear frame design I have a Designer he does good work however now but hes seem to busy right now I already have a printing he did but I need a few changes done also I wanted back up 3-D printer for other designs I will want in the future I will need a pretty quick turn around ... give me a call 313-720-3992 or email 248-508-2568 Mike
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    Hello Mike, Would you be intwrested in some changes? I believe you were going to receive the stl?


  5. Hi, dear designer,
    We urgently need you to help us look at our current designs, and help us break them into smaller pieces for printing and assemble. Rate negotiable. Best if we can finish today. Please reply asap. My email is l'm in Singapore, my number is 0065-85884686. Thanks

    best wishes
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    I just sent you a reply email. Please send images and a detail of what you would like done and I can quickly give you a quote and turnaround time.


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    holiday discounts starting November 23!
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    Holidays are a great time for working!! Feel free to email Serious inquiries accepted.
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    Happy New Year! Thank you for your wonderful ideas. I am most thankful to help you create your vision. Feel free to email anytime you have a new brilliant concept. I await!
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    Hello Shapewayers. 2014 has been quite awesome so far. Please help continue the streak! email johnotdesign@gmail for serious inquiries. I pride myself in the fastest delivery and best service. International clients accepted. Happy 3D/ing!
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    Hi I have an HO Scale Mobile Home I need to have a 3 D file made of it so I can send to shapeways. I see your in NY. can I send you the mobile home parts so you can make the file. And what would be the cost. Thank you, Kalman

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    I am kindly following up as you inquired about design some time ago. Might you have any ideas you would like modeled. SInce our last talk I have expanded my base and I am happy to work with new clients. Talk soon!

    John O.T.
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    New LoveBirds ring in the shop! Customize now!

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    Valentine's Day is steadily approaching Shappies! Get in touch and we'll whip up something special for your loved one. Don't worry, we won't break the bank;)
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    The Valentine's day rush is coming! Let's create something awesome!
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    great work!