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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by shadowking, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    Hi my names Ryan and Im experienced in creating all sorts of models. Im offering my services for hire for all your model needs. I charge by the hour at a flat rate and will give you an estimation based on what you need done and will try my best to stick to it.
    Some of my work can be seen at :
    feel free to send me a PM, reply to this thread or an email.
    Thanks :) .
  2. roxy_guy10
    roxy_guy10 New Member

    Your stuff looks great - I am a model railway enthusiast and would like very much to have a body shell produced in OO scale of the locomotive from the movie 'goldeneye' The loco was actually a modified BR class 20. I can provide you with pictures etc.

    Let me know - thanks

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  3. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    Hi, Thanks alot Im glad you like my work :) .
    I've sent you a PM.
  4. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    Thanks for all the interest :)
    Im not taking on anymore jobs untill after christmas now.
    I'll post again on here when Im accepting more work.

    Thanks alot everyone.
  5. dposey900
    dposey900 New Member
    do you deal with the 3d printing as well?

    I am new to all of this and want to get a simple logo done in 3d and made (hopefully in metal)

    any advice would also be helpful

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  6. breerawl
    breerawl New Member
    Hey Ryan,

    I need help designing a pair of women's high heels- fashionable and sexy.
    Are you available?
  7. sonicblaster59
    sonicblaster59 New Member
    Just wanted to bump the topic and give feedback on Ryan's work.

    Great person to work with and renders amazing figures!

    A+ all round!

  8. Chard
    Chard New Member
    OK, it's after Christmas. Are you available?

    I want to produce models from 3D game avatars to reward the top players, and for a test have low-poly 3D model from the game and photo of person who we want the statue to resembled.

    Can you help put this together? In the next couple weeks? If interested please contact me or email your contact info.

  9. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    Hi, yeah I guess Im available now.
    I get lots of people asking me to make stuff for them though so Im having to prioritise and form a queue.

    Thanks for the reference Bryan, I appreciate it. :)

    @Chard - Yeah I may be able to handle that for you, sounds interesting. You can email me the details and any images at: ryangregory (at)
    Once I have a better idea of what it is you are wanting I can give you an accurate estimate.

    Thanks alot.
  10. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    I'm available for work again.
    I'd love to work on some miniatures or character sculpts if anybody need them making. :)
  11. shadowking
    shadowking New Member
    I'm currently offering reduced rates on agreed upon work until 25th of December.