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    Other than watching a lot of tutorials, I don't have a lot of experience with 3D printing. I have STL/OBJs and I'm wondering if I can use Meshmixer (or a more appropriate free/inexpensive application?) to export the types of files I need to upload at Shapeways for full color printing.

    I did see the video of coloring and ordering the shark but I don't exactly see how to get both the WRL and texture file from Meshmixer that need to be uploaded at Shapeways. At Autodesk, it says that Meshmixer doesn't export WRLs with texture maps. It does say that 3MFs will include UVs. Do I export the file twice (once as a WRL and once as 3MF) and then pick out the UV from everything that the 3MF contains?

    Thank you!
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    I think there’s a file format style that includes color information in the same file as the mesh. As I recall after you manually paint a mesh in Meshmixer you can export it in .obj or .wrl file formats for a color compatible file that works at Shapeways. I have never used the 3mf format and it’s a new thing to me. Color printing can become a confusing task.
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    Okay, thank you!