Fractal graph 4

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  1. henryseg
    henryseg Well-Known Member
    Fractal Graph 4 is another print in a series exploring fractals produced by iterated substitution. These make interesting craggy shapes, which are easy to see into because of all of the holes, but are also much stronger than tree-like fractal shapes.

    Video: Fractal Graph 4 (edit: updated video to show the steps of the construction)

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  2. arklan
    arklan New Member
    very, very cool looking.

    the explination kinda makes my head hurt though. :D i love math, but at the same time, ow, ow ow.
  3. masked
    masked New Member
    Nicely done; did you build this by script?
  4. henryseg
    henryseg Well-Known Member
    I updated the video (and updated the link above) to show the steps of the construction. Here is a link to the part of the video with the steps.

    @masked: For this one, most of it is by hand actually. I made the graph from many straight lines. This isn't so hard to do, using the substitution rules, scaling, rotating and reflecting. Then I have a script that takes a collection of straight lines, and makes a mesh of square tubes around the lines.