Fractal Geometry

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  1. julesruis
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    I am Jules Ruis from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I am looking for people using Fractal Geometry for rapid prototyping of scaffolds for tissue engineering. My files are in .stl

    See my webpage
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    Hi Jules,

    welcome! What are 'scaffolds for tissue engineering', exactly?


  3. julesruis
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    That's excellent... I love fractals... I'll have to have a good look at the website ;)
  5. samuraidave_1
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    That is interesting is the theory of Fractal skin using the "Fractal formula" to derive a structure within dimensionally different envelopes like for a blood vessel to a artery? It seems like a great application.
    Is the Spike extrusion an improvement over a ribbed product?

    I like the idea of an Organic structure like sea sponge with a lattice that changes within the structure for different dimensions. It seems complex to produce effectively on a large scale but efficient with materials.
    This is terribly interesting.
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  6. julesruis
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    Please tell me where are you interested in?

    I mentioned already my webpage for more information: