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  1. petoro
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    Do you think it feasible to make 3D prints of the fractals in this page?:

    You could make infinitely many different trees of the 2-D interactive type. And, of course, a significant ammount of static ones.

    The source code to make these trees is in the same page, it is Java, but of course I could help with the maths.

    The problem I have just now is that I don't know the tools to make them by myself.

    Thanks for your attention,

  2. Hi Petoro,

    I am quite sure I can realize your Fractal Tree model in a 3d print, as it seems to me to be one design repeated in scale Golden ratios. The most apparent issue I see is the swivel joint and the weight as the branch grows in size.

    How would you like to proceed?

  3. petoro
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    Hello Shane,

    What I had in mind when I started this thread was mainly the many trillions of different fixed trees you can make in 2D (but with branches spun in space randomly, as shown in the two trees above in the next image):


    Also I had thought about the fixed 3D trees shown in the two trees below. Or, by the way, in other figures on the page.

    What I hadn't thought about however, is in the 2D moving tree with somewhat stiff hinges (similar to those of a laptop screen). Thanks. But they seem to be a lovely variation of the fixed trees if they could be built. One could make infinite trees with it, even coloring it white on one side and black on the other. It could become a puzzle : - )

    Of course the swivel joints would be great, but at the moment I don't have idea about how to make them.

    Perhaps they would be tougher if made of metal.

  4. petoro
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    If we made metalic models of the antennas above... Perhaps they would be highly efficient transmitting waves.
  5. sammijones
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    i hope you don't mind me piggybacking this thread.

    I too have a fractal design I need realising. I sent you a PM