Formula 1 Miniatures - 1976

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    More photos here:

    I was over the moon at how well these turned out.

    I'd played fast and loose with the design rules for Stainless Steel and for three weeks I expected an email saying the print had failed. It didn't and the small details on these models is exquisite (down to the teeny tiny carbs on the exposed DFV of the Tyrrell.)

    For those who want the car details these are the six cars that won Grands Prix in the 1976 Formula One season: the Ferrari 312T2 as driven by Niki Lauda, the Lotus 77 as driven by Mario Andretti, the March 761 as driven by Ronnie Peterson, the McLaren M23 as driven by James Hunt, the Penske PC4 as driven by John Watson, and the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 as driven by Jody Scheckter.

    I am very, very proud of these.
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    And so you should be, they look totally awesome!

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    Awesome, I've heard great things about the game Formula D too.