[For Hire - Seattle] 3D Design and Sculpt for print! (Miniatures, Toys, Products)

Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by Pseurai, May 23, 2013.

  1. Pseurai
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  2. jeffprace
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    I hired Chris for a project, and it was a great experience. I received the two models within 24 hours of first contacting him, and he is priced very reasonably. Recommended!
  3. ZeroHourLabs
    ZeroHourLabs New Member
    I'll be in contact with you shortly Chris. Local Seattlite as well. I've seen that robot before ;D. Amazing work.
  4. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    Hey thanks!
    I'm looking for any full-time and contract work, anything helps. :)
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  5. oddartlover
    oddartlover New Member
    Thanks for the professional work, Chris. Great skills and communication!!
  6. skeletonx
    skeletonx New Member

    Thanks for the excellent/professional modeling support!

    Chris is an excellent communicator and very easy to work with!

  7. lengelmatt
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    hey, so i'm very new to this and would like to understand the details since I don't get this talk about "print" that I keep seeing every artist mention... I am looking for someone who can sculpt 3d figurines... this is your line of work? I don't need a wholesale amount, however; I do require a lot of miniatures... ive got a fun tabletop game idea that will never be published. for one, I wouldn't know how to go about doing that. and for two, id definitely have to pay some sort of copyright for the images used to create these figurines... I do require a lot of small pieces... probably over 200 standard gaming size, which I believe is around 25mm-28mm... a lot of the pieces will be repeats since I need about 4 of each piece... this game is simply for me and my friends and although price is a small issue it is not that big of a deal as long as its reasonable for the amount of work... also, do you paint? if not I can paint them myself or simply hire someone else for that... how much do you think it would cost for approximately 200 25mm pieces? im sure we will discuss more about this project soon... hope to here from ya soon! thanks, matt
  8. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    Hey Matt!

    Typically, a single 28mm figure could take about 5-15 hours to sculpt, depending on the type of figure it is and the amount of detailing you'd like.

    Creatures can fair quicker due to the less complicated pieces they may have, humanoids are more complex with individual pieces of equipment that would need to be sculpted out and placed separately.

    The good thing about sculpting out figures in digital clay is that we can easily copy and paste pieces for modification, so if you need 4 of the same type of creature in different poses, it would be quick to just modify the sculpt in different stance and do a little detail correction pass.

    Unfortunately it would be difficult to give you an estimate on the amount of work you'd like without further details on the type of sculpts you'd require and the amount of original pieces you'd like.
    You don't need to put duplicate miniatures into the equation, you would specify numbers while printing.

    I'm always looking for work involving miniatures and figures.
    You can always contact me through my Email Chriswallace(at)live.com or via PM.
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  9. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    I'm still available, please contact me via Email or Phone if you're looking for sculpt or model work to be done!
  10. BelialSC2
    BelialSC2 New Member
    what are your rates?
  11. Pseurai
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  12. BelialSC2
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    on average, how many hours does a single detailed figurine take to sculpt?
  13. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    It really depends on the size and the complexity of the figurine, could take anywhere from 5-40 hours..

    Also, for further questions, please email me at Chriswallace(at)live.com.
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  14. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    Posting to let you guys know that I'm currently available!
  15. benmet
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    This guy was a pleasure to deal with. He got things done promptly and to a really high standard. I'll be using him again.

    Thanks mate.


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  16. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    Hey folks, It's a new year and I'm available for new projects!

    PM or Email me at ChrisWallace(at)live.com
    Looking forward to working with you!
  17. Pseurai
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  18. MarionRussek
    MarionRussek New Member

    I build model houses with design furniture in scale 1:12.
    I now have a few things which I would like to print.
    got the files from designconnected - but they need to be reduced to 1:12 and made fit for shapeways.

    can you help me?

  19. Pseurai
    Pseurai New Member
    Sure thing, are these files to be made for color print or flat?

    Go ahead and forward any further information about the project to my email at ChrisWallace(at)live.com.
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