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    Hi, I'm Jonathan. I'm a freelance designer, formally trained as a mechanical engineer, and I have had equal exposure to architecture, graphic design, and customer service.

    Not only can I help you in developing your idea, and prepare it for 3d printing, I can also help make it production ready. In addition to providing a 3d model and renders, I can also provide 2d dimensioned drawings. I am experienced in machining, sheet metal, injection molding and casting.

    You can see my portfolio and more about me here.
    Always up for a challenge, I'd love to help bring your ideas to life.

    Please contact me at info@bradykineticuriosities.com to discuss your idea.

    Please let me know your project and I can give you a rate.
    What usually works best is a 50% deposit after we've agreed on the schedule and the balance before I release the 3D files.

    I look forward to speaking with you!

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    A multiple-depth leather stamp designed for the Biscuit Mill, who make homemade dog treats that are both healthy and natural.
    You can find more about them here:

    I've also attached a 3d pdf if you'd like to see the model in more detail. :)

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    This project was completed for a urban spy adventure called Foxhound in San Francisco. (Check them out here: http://www.epiclifecreative.net/foxhoundua/)
    We repackaged the internals of an off the shelf laser tag gun, added in a dot scope, and provided for iPhone integration.
    It's a little hard to be a spy while waving around a bright orange gun, plus now it's a little easier to avoid awkward encounters with the police while being chased by spies.

    An industrial designer supplied the initial concept, and it will eventually be 3D printed and cast in a low volume out of urethane.




    Click here to view the model in 3D: http://www.bradykineticcuriosities.com/3d-laser-tag-binocula rs.html

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    Hi there! How much would it cost for you to design a case for each of the following phones (Individual price)

    Blackberry Bold 9900
    BB Curve 9820
    BB Curve 8520
    BB Curve 9320

    Thanks :)
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    Here is a recent piece completed for a client.
    IMG956460 balanced.jpg

    Using a 3d scan of actual tree bark in the background of the shield, this talisman has an inset symbol of a Celtic Tree of Life.
    Chosen as a symbol of renewal, and both reaching towards the heavens while remaining grounded.
    The symbol is press fit into the bark, lending it a nice sense of depth.

    IMG956461 balanced.jpg

    This piece was finished with a braided leather necklace and a gold plated clasp.
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    Good Morning Jonathan,

    I am a Grad student in my final semester and I would love for you to bring to life
    my final project. I work and live in NYC and I've been a Project Accountant for the
    past 14 years working for various Architecture, Engineering & Construction companies.
    I have a colleague who is an Engineer and is working on helping me with this venture.

    Right now I've joined a competition in my school and every couple of weeks we have a
    "Milestone" to reach. Many of our milestones entail write ups of the business we would
    like to one day start up. I would love a sample made of my concept in a flexible material,
    of a woman's shoe. I'm thinking about 10 inches in length to really give my audience
    a visual. There is a lot more detail to it, but that's just a brief synopsis of it. Let me know if
    you are available to produce this for me or not. Feel free to email, call or text me.

    I appreciate your time!

    Thanks a million!