[FOR HIRE] Certified Solidworks Professional 3D Modeller

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by bwanamukubwa, May 2, 2013.

  1. bwanamukubwa
    bwanamukubwa New Member
    About me:
    I'm an engineer and love to imagine and create models. I'm always looking for a new way of doing things and enjoy analytical thinking.

    I have been using Solidworks extensively for the past 8 years and am a Certified Solidworks Professional.

    Managed many projects from inception to fabrication, references available upon request.

    to follow.. a lot of the work i have done for my company is probably proprietary

  2. Manhattman
    Manhattman New Member
    do you have a website and where are you located? Thank you
  3. bwanamukubwa
    bwanamukubwa New Member
    Sorry i don't but i'd be glad to show you some of the work i've done via 3D pdfs or the files themselves.
  4. jerobinson101
    jerobinson101 New Member
    what are your standard rates?

    ...or, an estimate on turning a 2d imaging into a 3d image
  5. bwanamukubwa
    bwanamukubwa New Member
    it depends! :)

    How complicated is the 2d image, how much detail is in it, features, etc.

    Send me what you've got and tell me what you'd like from it and i'll give you a price and estimate on when it will be ready.
  6. philipgalinsky
    philipgalinsky New Member
    I need to meet face to face with a 3d designer for my project.
    Please be from the New York city Area, it is not a hard project but
    it will be easy to start if we can meet face to face, It deals with luggage.
    strong plastic or metal we will see when we meet.

  7. GJBene
    GJBene New Member

    I am looking for a SolidWorks mechanical designer to take my 2D AutoCad files (.dxf or .dwg)
    and convert them to 3D Solidworks files (.stl and .easm).

    Can you help me?

    Please reply to:

    George Benedict

    Thank you.