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  1. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member

    I really like old fashioned lockets which can be opened.... so I tried one. I'm very happy with the result.
    Unfortunately, I guess it can't be sold it via shapways, cause multiple objects are not allowed for the materials "stainless steel" and "silver".
    There are only exceptions for cufflinks and earrings.
    I could split it in two files but this would be kind of confusing for potential customers. Of course it would be also more expensive.
    After it was rejected cause of multiple parts, I've connected it to one object. It needed some cutting and polishing but it looks nice now.

    I would love to see "lockets" added to the list of "multiple parts exceptions". Any chance for this?



    ... more infos

  2. aeron203
    aeron203 New Member
    Very nice work! I especially like your use of the necklace thread as the hinge pin. It solves what is otherwise a sticky problem that can only be solved by adding bulky shapes. This is very elegant, especially if it could be delivered assembled.

    I would like multi-part metal designs to be allowed by simply adding another handling fee for each part. As for the presentation, even if the human effort involved in assembly might incur another fee, similar to the silver polishing, it would be worth it to enable more variety and quality in our designs.

  3. tinypurpletreehouse
    tinypurpletreehouse New Member
    I really like your design! Smart solution with the hinge as said before.

    I'm currently working on a locket as well! I didn't know that for steel and you couldn't have multiple parts.. good to know. I hope they will add lockets to the list of exceptions or find another solution..

  4. I like the open space in the design. Does the hinge allow the locket to stay closed when something is in it?
  5. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Thanks for the nice feedback!

    I really hope shapeways will add lockets to the "exception list" for "mulitple objects in one file".
    I've made an entry in the feedback section about this ...

    The closed locket is pretty strong connected.
    There is a pin on the opposite side which has to snap, before you can insert the string.


  6. Great design!
    Love seeing all your stuff.
    How about a plastic version as well? You could print it in one piece with a hinge already in place.

  7. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Thank you Mary!
    I wasn't a fan of the plastic materials so far but... great features, nice price... I'll definitely try it. :)
  8. ceramicwombat
    ceramicwombat New Member
    First off, beautiful design!

    I am surprised that Shapeways is making you print this as two files. My model Pendant Cage is two pieces and I have not had the model rejected. How would my pendant count as OK under the "earrings and cufflinks" clause but your pendant wouldn't? Either both of our models should be printable or neither of them should be.

    Earrings and cufflinks are allowed to be printed in pairs because it is traditional, but the processing resources for a pair of earrings or cufflinks would seem to be identical to the processing resources necessary for any two objects of similar size. It should not matter what the purpose of the end product is, the policy should be based on the number of objects in a file.

    I propose that Shapeways institute a policy based on the number of objects in a file. Two objects in a file would not increase the handling cost, and each additional object after the second should be a set fee ($3-$4) per additional object.

    I don't mean to hijack the thread, I just think Shapeways should be able to print your model in one file. I am adding this to the feedback thread you have already created here.

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  9. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Ceramicwombat... I like your "Pandent Cage"!
    I've already ordered one. Great work. :)
  10. LincolnK
    LincolnK New Member
    Very cool design!

    I have a bunch of locket pendents that I designed that I haven't uploaded because of the rules you mentioned here on SW.

    I too would love to see this as an option.

  11. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member

    it took a year but the Floral Locket is now in the shop! :)
    There were a few issues which couldn't ensure the printabilty ... weak walls, multiple objects, a lock that had to be grinded for perfect fit ...
    I did some enhancements and got my test-print today. It works really well now! :)
  12. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
  13. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Thank you Mike!
  14. DarioScapittaDesign
    DarioScapittaDesign New Member
    Well done Michael! :)
  15. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Thanks Dario!
  16. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Just upload them as very BIG earrings!..... But, seriously, @ceramicwombat, in answer to your question, there are MANY models breaking the "rules" here and this is something that needs to be addressed.

  17. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Hi Glenn,

    this thread started a year ago. A few month ago shapways changed the description of the stainless steel design rules to:
    "Multiple Part per STL: Yes. Best for earrings and cufflinks--multipart files drastically increase handling costs overall, and we want to keep giving everyone the best price."
    I think a pair of objects is no longer a problem. This is acutally great!
  18. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Yes, that is good news. Nice locket, BTW - and would great if super polished :D

  19. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Thanks Glenn! :)
    Yeah, I hope the rock tumbler will do a nice job!