Fix Found for Export Bugs in XSI 7.0+

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by whosdadog, Apr 29, 2009.

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    When exporting any model with 3D text in it from XSI 7.0 You will get an inverted normals error from shapeways. After hours of maddening troubleshooting, I decided to try exporting from a previous version (5.11) Surprisingly, this worked. There is some glitch or bug in XSI 7.0 that creates problems when exporting a model containing 3D text. Normally, previous versions of XSI wont allow you to open scenes from current versions, however I have found a workaround.

    1. Open the scene in the current version of XSI
    2. Use crosswalk to export as collada 1.4.1
    3. Open the exported file in a previous version of XSI.
    4. Export as collada 1.4.0 from the previous version
    This file should be accepted by shapeways. (If you still have a problem, it is most likely not related to the text.)

    You will most likely get an error that the model is too large. Drastically scale it to a very small on screen size and re-export from soft image. Do this until you have the size you want.

    As a final note, I am not sure whether the problem is with XSI 7.0 or Collada 1.4.1. It could be a combination of both.