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  1. CADNinja
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    I am looking for somebody that can create a 3D CAD model of a catfish.
    Specifically i would want the colorful version shown in this ad.
    Just one side only as it will be made into a wooden sign on a cnc router.
    I have included examples of how the model should look.
    See Gold colored images for examples of level of detail and orientation.
    Catfish body is smooth so not alot of detail required here.
    The eye, some gills, some flutes on the fins, side lung openings. Those are features i need captured.
    The model should be about 6"(150mm) long by .375"(9mm) thick but needs to be scaleable.
    I will accept an .stl file. If you start with nurbs i'd like that also.
    Please advise
    Texas, USA
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  3. CADNinja
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    I found somebody, thanks all