First time printing stainless steel - Question

Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by lorddragonmaster, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. lorddragonmaster
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    I wanted some thoughts on printing this item in stainless steel.

    1new.jpg l?materialId=23

    As you can see it is approx 2.156cm x 0.734cm x 4.16cm, with many small details. I have had no issue printing this in WSF.

    I notice that stainless steel has a tolerance of 2mm and some parts are very small. Do you forsee any big issues with this model being printed with this level of detail.

    Or if someone has done something of a similar size in steel, how did it turn out?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. stop4stuff
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    My Check Rope Ring on the Stainless Desgin Guidlines has some pretty small details, the checker pattern is made up on 1mm squares and the rope detail is smaller than that, however those details are attached to a solid base.

    But having said that, my Step Twin D6 has wires & surfaces of 1mm thickness.

    Some items may go through that one would expect to get rejected, and at other times, a model is rejected when one would expect it to be printable.

    I'd be tempted to order the model as it is with the expectation that the model might get rejected due to the areas ringed in the image.

  3. 3DmodelerDy
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    Actually I have tried to do this. With a help, but I printed Butterfly Clock from steel that I have bought because on my own I could not create it yet but I have been looking carefully how it was prepared for 3D printing. And I can say that it is not so easy to print all the shape perfect to, but what u can get with 3D printer is better than get nothing. You printed this model ? If yes, could you comment how all work was going. I think this information will be useful for all of us who visit this post.