First time - How to get my adobe illustrator logo into 3D?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Guaps, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I am brand new at this, but I have done some very basic 3D modeling in Sketchup and I am very experienced with Adobe Illustrator. I have a logo that I want to make into an emblem for my car. I just want the logo to be extruded up a bit and placed on a thin base (the base will cover the holes in my fender where the old emblem used to be).

    The logo is in Illustrator now. I tried exporting the file from Illustrator as an SVG file and importing it into TInkercad, but it didn't work (it was a weird wire image that vaguely resembled my logo, but not even close). The logo has almost no straight lines, so tracing it in Sketchup isn't working very well at all. What is the best way to convert my drawing into a 2D image in a modeling program that I can then extrude the image up a few millimeters and add a base and be done?

    It seems like this should be pretty simple...

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    Thanks for the link. I tried that link before I posted. It's a very cool wizard, but doesn't quite do what I need. I need an oval shapped back ground to cover the three holes in my fender. I tried to get the oval by adding a border around the logo, but it still makes a square base. I could trim it once I got it, but there are some other tweaks I would like to do.
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    I would be happy to help.
    Just send me the files you have with the dimensions you want, including the thickness.
    Either by PM or my email below.
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    email sent...