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Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by Indy, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Indy
    Indy New Member
    So here it is, it arrived surprisingly fast i thought that i wouldn't be able to see the finished result before i leave for vacation but once i came home today the package was lying on my desk. Thank you very much.
    Customer support is really good, and there's a very good communication with the staff.
    The model is really exceeding my expectation, it came up really well even if it was a low poly mesh.
    The material used was white strong and flexible.

    I uploaded two early photos of the model in the gallery section

    Hope you enjoy it

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  2. jochem
    jochem New Member
    Thanks for sharing your positive experience! Are you planning on working further on the finished model, e.g. painting it? Keep us posted!
  3. Indy
    Indy New Member
    Yes i want to paint it but since I'm leaving today it won't be ready very soon
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