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  1. Plumguy
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    This is my first effort at creating a pendant.
    OK guys, send any comments or criticisms,
    I can take it!
    Also any advice to make it look better, or
    usable for printing will be greatly appreciated!
    Did this on my lunch hour so did not have
    much time to fuss with it.
    Thanks! :p
    Software: Blender 2.46

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  2. A couple comments (I am no expert, so take this with a grain of salt):

    1. Just in case, let me comment that the pieces should overlap at least a little in order for them to print connected. Case in point is the loop, which does not appear to overlap with the main pendant. I suggest making the main pendant pieces overlap a bit more as well.

    2. I have not printed much yet, but I do know that the first time I tried an earring, I made the loop too small. I think you will have the same problem. I suggest making the loop larger (in diameter) and thicker than you think it needs to be. Be sure to measure with and make sure that it is within the design constraints for your intended material.

    3. Artistically, the piece is simple, which is fine. If I may, I would suggest that the upper two c-shapes be rotated so all the c-shapes are at 60-degree angles from each other. That's my personal concept for how to make the piece better as it is - I like the 3-fold rotational symmetry. Your mileage may vary.

    Overall, nice concept for a first piece. I don't tend to whip things up over a lunch hour (even if I could) - I take much longer than that for most of my work. So congratulations on closing the gap between concept and realization!
  3. Plumguy
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    Thanks for the comments. They were very helpful.
    With the last comment. I posted quickly so as to balance
    "pondering" vs "doing".