First design for 1:43 scale chimney

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    I have drawn one of four chimneys needed for a 1:43 scale model of a station, using Sketchup 8.
    I changed the Sketchup 8 default 24 facets to 60 facets for a circle, to make the drawing as smooth as possible.
    If the design is OK I will put all 4 chimenys on a common sprue.

    The chimney and its cowl need to be as smooth as possible, so I propose to use Fine Detail Plastic.

    Is fine Detail plastic the best material?

    Can I paint this material?

    Any other comments on whether this model should 3D print OK?

    Many thanks for your help

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    Check the content on this thread: 6&&srch=nyquist#msg_53316

    For 'smoothest', you are going to want Frosted Ultra Detail, and you are going to want more than 60 facets to the circle(s).

    If this is a standard 6 inch smoke pipe, then I'd suggest 128 or even 256 facets around the circle. For an item this small and simple, you could even go crazy and go with 512 facets around the circle just to maximize the smoothness.

    You've also got it slightly more pointed than normal, I believe the "standard" is to use a 45 degree slope, or height=radius.