First attempt, is this going to print hollow?

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    Hello, I am very new to modelling and 3D printing, but I was hoping I could create something pretty small and simple. I used SketchUp to create the model, very basic, and I uploaded it and the pricing is fine for me. My concern is that it's going to be hollow. I actually have no idea how thick the plastic is going to be. Is there an easy way to "fill it in"? I'd like it as solid and non-squishy as possible. Any other comments would be appreciated. :)

    Attached the file.

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    Get NetFabb. Open it up and you'll see what you'll get. If you build a cube with just 6 walls, it'll be solid.

    So your piece looks solid to me
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    As Michael said get It will measure, check, repair and scale your model. WYSIWYG.
    If you cannot see the inside the model will be solid.
    One other comment. As you draw a circle or arc in Sketchup. Decide how many sides on the circle or arc you want.Type in the number of sides wanted.
    The bigger the number the smoother the circle or arc. You will see the difference if you pick 'View - Hidden Geometry'
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