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  1. ssb
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    I am doing my first project on Cinema 4D R10.
    It is very simple. A cylinder (2mm thick, 25 mm Diameter), some text curved into circles on both sides (0,5mm thick), and some shapes on both sides (0,5mm thick)

    I understood, from the support section, that I have to NOT use Booleans.
    I also understood that I have to create a single object (in that I may be wrong).

    So how do I connect my central cylinder to the texts ans shapes without the boolean to create a single object ?
    I really don't know how to create a clean object without this boolean. I don't understand why it wouldn't work. Usually, after the model is shaped into one object, I "convert it to object Polygone" then clean it if necessary. The "not using Boolean" just messes with my way of doing things ! :)

    Thanks for your answers ! :)

  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Stéphane,

    Welcome to Shapeways!

    I've no experience of Cinema 4D, but I would say do your booleans, and then check the model with NetFabb (free) to see if there are any errors. You can also repair any errors with NetFabb. If everything is ok and loks good in NetFabb, then you model will upload and print ok.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, Stéphane.

    Similarly, I don't know Cinema 4D, but I agree, use your booleans as planned, and as Paul said, you check it afterwards to make sure it's okay. I use booleans all the time (it's the only way I know to form the sockets for my all-important ball joints), and it works just fine.

    If I understand it correctly, the only issue is that some programs handle booleans in such a way that it results in a non-watertight mesh. But even if Cinema 4D is one of these programs, it should be easily fixable.

    Good luck!

  4. ssb
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    Thanks !

    I am going to try that.

    An other answer tells me that the 3D Print software will convert my designs into a single object if the intersect.
  5. Ah, yes. Shapeways'own software automatically assumes that two objects that intersect are supposed to be a single piece. One thing to remember there, though, is to make sure that parts actually overlap; I don't think it works if the parts are just flush with each other.
  6. ssb
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    I did download Netfabb but I don't understand shit to the software...
  7. ssb
    ssb New Member

    Here is a link to my file :

    It is a coin. I have absolutely no clue to the fact that it is printable or not, what size it will come out.

    It seems it is 50mm diameter ?
    I tried Netfabb but I don't understand what I am supposed to do with it.

    Pleeeeease help ! :blush:
  8. pfeifferstylez
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    Basically, netfabb is pretty simpel.

    Open your file.
    If you don't see this symbol...

    [​IMG] to your model --> do nothing. ^^

    Otherwise go to "Extras" --> "Repair Part", click the "automatic repair" button and choose the "default repair" option.

    ...but, as far as I know, netfabb doesn't support the C4D format.
    Are you able to save your model as STL or OBJ file ?
  9. ssb
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    And when it is done, hop ! It is all good ? :)

    C4D allows to save in STL... (I didn't look for the OBJ)
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