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  1. kiorodesign
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    Here is Fire ring, the first of the "the 4 elements" series. It's a big rounded ring, with a great presence. Ta large rounded upper surface intersects two spheres, front and rear; the grooves are the fire lines radiating from the two opposite sides. The other rings (elements) are ready, please take a look. I really like this work I have done, I hope you too ...
    Here's also a video presentation (42 seconds):

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    the 4 elements_fire ring_2.jpg

    the 4 elements_fire ring_7.jpg

    the 4 elements_fire ring_4.jpg

    the 4 elements_fire ring_5.jpg

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  2. virtox
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    Very nice ring and great presentation! :nod:

    Imho, the video could use some work though ;)
    (How about showing off each of the rings with the proper elemental backgrounds?)


  3. kiorodesign
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    Thanks for your liking and suggestions, Stijn.
    Yes, it would be a good idea showing rings with their elemental backgrounds, maybe a new video presentation.
    In this video I wanted to show the "Creation" (I am passionate about ancient Indian scriptures)

    ...the first was space...from space came air...from air came fire...from fire came water...from water came earth...

    At the moment I only gave shape to the four classical elements. The fifth will come...