Fire, Air, Water and Earth all together

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  1. kiorodesign
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    Here are the rings of the series "The 4 elements". The idea of giving shape to the 4 basic elements of all matter had long been in my mind. First I thought to a common shape, and then I gave them their own personalities,. I'll save you from telling a bit of philosophy on the 4 elements (which you can read at the product page), and I tell you that I really like this work I did, I hope you too. Thanks for reading.

    the 4 elements_cover.jpg

    the 4 elements_fire ring.jpg

    the four elements air ring.jpg

    the four elements water ring.jpg

    the four elements earth ring.jpg

    "Fire" ring

    "Air" ring

    "Water" ring

    "Earth" ring

    video presentation

  2. virtox
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    Wow! :eek:

    If I had the budget I would go for Fire in Gold, Water in Steel, Air in Silver and Earth in Bronze :nod:


  3. kiorodesign
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    Thanks Stijn ! Your kind comment is greatly appreciated.

  4. kiorodesign
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    ..a new video...


  5. Mezmera
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    Awesome! I love how you bring out the 'personalities' of the elements while still keeping it part of a common form language, it's a beautiful and very strong design!
  6. kiorodesign
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    thank you very much Mezmera, for the comment and for your thorough analysis of my design.