(Finally Painted) Bringer, Giver, and Last Stand

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  1. So, I got these models almost an entire year ago. I modeled them a year ago, over Christmas break. My break has been delayed due to a nice storm cancelling my flight (2x) from Iowa. Since I plan to give these to several friends for Christmas, I had to finish them up. I think they sat on my table for so long because I got stuck and had other "easier" things to do. With a deadline, I had some motivation to overcome the various obstacles that were in my way. I'm not entirely satisfied with Last Stand still, but the others make me very happy.

    Since there a number of images, I've combined them below. I have higher-res versions if desired.

    Bringer of Justice

    Giver of Mercy

    Last Stand

    As an added item, I also made (very) short stories for these three items. I don't know that I'll post them here, since it seems out of place. Here's an image of one of the books, though (the one for the Bringer). The bookbinding process was quite interesting (and rather irritating when I began working on the imposition). I followed a bookbinding tutorial.

    Book for the Bringer
  2. Oh. I forgot some important info. The Giver of Mercy had a balance issue. This was one of those problems that left her sitting on my desk for a long time. I finally solved it by adding a "rock", composed of clay, two fishing weights, and superglue. As far as I can tell, the "rock" is there to stay.

    Mission accomplished, I guess. Next time, I'll be more careful to consider the CG (center of gravity) before I print something.
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    You are a master at painting your detailed models...very nice. The book looks cool too.
  4. DavidMulder
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    AWESOME job!!! Just had to say that :p Seriously, it might not be the kind of thing I would want to create, but it really looks too cool :D
  5. Thanks, both of you.

    I'll be giving two of the three to their recipients tomorrow (or today, since it is after midnight). I think they'll like them. I just finished glueing the leather on the second book today, after embossing the leather using some sort of scrapbooking tool my mother owns. I'm rather excited.