Final Fantasy 7 low poly Cloud Strife

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  1. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    I made this because I couldn't find an original low poly version anywhere, all the figures they sell are the super hardcore detailed ones.

    I love the low poly. And it was ridiculously easier to model.

    Unfortunately, 3d printers don't love spiky hair... it should've been much sharper, but everything else printed great.

    If you want to get one, here he is in my shop: l-fantasy-7-low-poly.html

  2. chaitanyak
    chaitanyak New Member
    i did a model with tentacles once.. had the same issue.. had to fatten up the tentacles for it to print :(

    but this turned out quite good
  3. JamesSaunders
    JamesSaunders New Member
    I'm curious what Shapeways' stance on shop owners making and selling cpyrighted designs (like this one). Officially, they've said they are against copyright infringement, but now they are promoting this model on their Facebook page.

    I have no issue with people making a model for personal (fair) use, but it seems like this is something that should be discouraged once it is being sold.
  4. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    Hey James. Yeah, I'm torn on that too, I originally made this one just for me but I thought people might like to have one too. The thing is, you can't buy this guy anywhere else, as far as I know they never made figurines with the low poly characters.

    So yes and no and I don't know but i'll wait and see what happens.
  5. pdb
    pdb New Member
    very nice model mate

    i agree james......they recently blogged about the lego case.....and as much as i enjoyed it. it was a touch sketchy , not because of its similarities to lego, but the other phone case with the same natured design on it. google image: iphone lego case.

    im not sure on this joabaldwin but could it be interpreted as an official model..........'we' know its not. but from speak with a few people in the community (james among them) , you need to make sure that anyone coming to this site cant mistake it for an official item
    the image on your laptop. is that from FF7? they may frown on use of their property to sell an item, which isn't produced by themselves .

    im just learning this stuff myself so i maybe completely wrong :rolleyes:

    sorry if thats a bit preachy ..... just a bit of advice

    really nice model bud :)
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  6. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    This makes me want to do low-poly colour sandstone versions of my friends.
  7. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    Also, what if you put a disclaimer in the description saying something along the lines of not being affiliated with Final Fantasy or something like that to make it clear that it's not an official Final Fantasy model?
  8. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    Thanks guys. I'll put a little disclaimer for now. The wallpaper on my laptop is official art from the game, that they distributed freely for promotional purposes, so I don't think that one would be an issue other than maybe making it look too official.

    All great input!

    Oh, and the idea of low poly friends sounds awesome :)
  9. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Sorry, that is wrong.

    Contact the Final Fantasy IP owners, Squaresoft, for confirmation of what can and cannot be done.

  10. CharGyse
    CharGyse New Member
    Yeah... I suppose if it's something for sale rather than "fan-art" for your own self or something for fair personal use, then you might get into lots of trouble for not asking them before making it available to the public.
  11. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    oh yes, better to be safe and told 'no' than penniless ;)

  12. duann
    duann New Member
    Hey All,

    Getting advice from deep within the Shapeways team....

    We do not tolerate copyright infringement. If we learn that a copyright is being infringed, we take the content down.

    But we are also not a judge.

    There are many cases where fan art or copyright has expired or product has been abandoned.

    Per DMCA only the original copyright holder can send us a Take Down Notice request and we will take appropriate action.

    In so far copyright. Though copyright does often not apply in these cases. The copyright does not extend to functional objects. So in many cases where users point out copyright issues, there is no copyright involved at all. Now trademarks (brand names), trade dress (well known patterns / logos) or design patents can apply. Both are not covered by DMCA but we will per our T&Cs still honor the Take Down Notice request from the IP holder as long as they can clearly show that they are the owners of the IP.

    So in short, we need the copyright holder to let us know that a design infringes copyright, we cannot check every model to know if it violates some copyright somewhere.

    We ask that you be honest in your dealings, if you know you are using another's IP, ask permission. Accredit the source, if you are using creative commons content.

    Play nice.
  13. pdb
    pdb New Member
    cheers duann