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  1. Hi all,

    I'm just going to do my first steps on 3D printing and got a problem with a drawing I made in Sktechup. When I export my drawing into the stl-format everything seems to be fine, netfabb shows everything correkt:


    After uploading my file to shapeways, some of the windows are filled:


    I can't find the problem - is anyone able to give me a hint?

    Thanks and best regards from Germany,
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    Your part needs to be repaired. Netfabb shows the red /!\ sign. You have to repair your STL by clicking on repair (little red + button in the toolbar), then "automatic repair", then "apply repair".
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  3. OK, I thougt the red /!\ was shown because I used an unregistered Version of netfabb, it was the first time I worked with this program.

    Thank you, I hope I'm now able to repair the drawing independently.