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  1. Christoph_K
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    how do i have to export a rhino file with simple colours, no texture map so that it can be printed with colours?

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    I also would like to know how to do this. I have a model in rhino that I created and is watertight. To assign colors to specific surfaces, I exploded the watertight model and assigned colors to the specific surfaces. I then exported to VRML 2.0. When I open the file back up in rhino, I get all the colors in the VRML file, but when I upload the model to shapeways, it comes up as a single color. I'm guessing that when I upload the file, the mesh is welded and I loose all the color information. I would like to know if there is an easy way of going from rhino color surfaces to colored polygon surfaces that can be used on Shapeways.

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  3. You have to put the VRML file and the texture files into a zip folder. Then upload the zip to Shapeways.
  4. I haven't tried separate textures for each mesh face. Basically all of your meshes have to be water-tight. You can do boolean split to get separate solid meshes, and assign colors to each of those.