Figurine and pendant

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by Calistotash, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Great results! To get more interest in your post, put some images here in the post. Some people don't like to have to click links to see what you want to show.
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    You are completely right, and have edited the first post. Thank you!
  4. Very neat FCS print!

    I was also super impressed when I received my first FCS printed model, so I can relate on that level, it really is an awesome material for this kind of stuff! :cool:
  5. mygadgetlife
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    I love the little unicorn figurine! I wish my modelling skills were that capable *sigh*
  6. Calistotash
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    I still have a ways to go modelling wise; the FCS model took a while to ensure it was both design accurate and that it wouldn't break...

    But thanks for the kind comments, really spurs me on.
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    Maybe try making the tops of the legs a little thicker? I had to do the same thing when my first print snapped. I have also made it so the tail is attached to both back legs, making them stronger.

    Always great to see someone else's take on the same idea though, you did a good job painting her.