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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by jdl, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. jdl
    jdl New Member
    Hi all,

    Shapeways continues to introduce new developments, whether that is new materials or new site developments. And as you know we always value the input of our community. Hence, we hope you can give us your opinion on our next site development.

    About 5-6 weeks ago, after consumer testing, we introduced our new left navigation bar on the home page and gallery pages. This enables our consumers to find what they are looking for more quickly. For us, that was just a first step. In the next couple of weeks we aim to implement new categories and sub-categories, of which you can find a list below.

    How will it work? The categories will show as you see them now, and as you hover over them the sub-categories will appear (fold out to the left of the category), you will then have the option to click on or the category or the relevant sub-category to get to a gallery of all relevant products.

    We are very interested to find out what you think, e.g. do you think you can find classification for the products you create? do you think we have any (sub)categories missing? ...

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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  2. Jettuh
    Jettuh Well-Known Member
    Looks good t me,, except that downloadable is spelled wrong :laughing:

    Electronics,,, what sort of stuff needs to be placed in that catorgory... we can´t print electronics yet... :D
  3. TomZ
    TomZ New Member
    I think puzzles deserve to be a main category, with various types of puzzles (twisty/sequential movement, (dis-)assembly, interlocking) as sub categories.
  4. Jettuh
    Jettuh Well-Known Member
    Yeah,,, if they get that,,, we want main caegory for modeltrains.. :p

    -trains in al sort of scales

    etc etc :laughing: :cool:
  5. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    Games and Hobby overlap and some subcategories could be top level. For example, Mechanical Parts, Electronics and Robotics could be grouped into one top level Tech. Maybe Puzzles could be top if the listing is huge and then Dice moved into Hobby, or both into Hobby. Brick Constructions should get an entry, for example in Hobby.

    3D Downloadable Parts can be of any topic, and the targets is completly different than the rest, they are kits to create other 3d items, if I understood what it means. So maybe it should be top level.

    And now the doubts:

    What is the difference between Miniatures and Figurines/Characters? Figurines and Model Trains are both Miniatures. Or more direct, what is Miniatures?

    What is SciFi? SciFi miniatures? Anything SciFi? In any case Fantasy or Historic are missing if trying to cover "the other fields".

    What happens with Miniatures used for Games? If Games disappears, no problem, but if kept...
  6. Magic
    Magic Well-Known Member

    I have 2 questions:
    - Why all the categories have a "All" sub-category except for the first and the last?
    - If I put an object in the category and sub-category "Personalize your own>Jewelry", will it be automatically added in "Jewelry>Personalize your own" or will I have to do this manually (which can lead to some inconsitancies)?

  7. Oskar_van_Deventer
    Oskar_van_Deventer Well-Known Member
    I agree with Tom: Puzzles deserve to be a main category, with various types of puzzles (twisty/sequential movement, (dis-)assembly, interlocking) as sub categories.

  8. jdl
    jdl New Member
    Thanks for all your feedback, much appreciated, we will review and expect the new categories ans subcategories to go live in approx. 2-ish weeks
  9. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    I am actually unable to select categories on my models. I am using Windows 7 and Firefox. I can open up the window to do it, but when I try to select, nothing happens.

    Is this a known issue for anyone else?
  10. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Are the boxes grey ? Then the model could be tagged on multiple sub categories and not main ones (due to the transfer from the old to the new system)

    See if any of the subs is selected, you can only add a limited amount.
    (see also official announcement today)
  11. PuzzleMaster6262
    PuzzleMaster6262 New Member
    I also agree that puzzles should not be under games.
  12. jdl
    jdl New Member
    we have changed it, based on some of your requests, so each model can only be added to 2 categories to make sure that the best one is chosen and the categories make more sense when you look at them
  13. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    The Rings section of Jewelry contains earRINGs also ;)
    (not categorized as such)

    A little too greedy of a regular expression ? ;)

    Other than that, starting to look real professional and practical, nice work !!


  14. jdl
    jdl New Member
    well spotted, seems like it is a little bug in our system as the categories says earrings and not rings - so Barry (one of our tech guys) is investigating
  15. minimaker
    minimaker New Member

    quick reaction on this question since I saw no reply and it's in my field of expertise :)
    - What is the difference between Miniatures and Figurines/Characters? Figurines and Model Trains are both Miniatures. Or more direct, what is Miniatures?

    In this case it's a specific use of the word, not the generic "small version of something".

    Miniatures comes from table top wargaming and is the common word for small size figurative models. Say 30mm size and smaller. Think tin and plastic soldiers. It's a world in itself and nowadays miniatures are not just for gaming but also collecting and painting hobbies.

    Larger sized figurative models tend to be called (scale) figures.

    Model trains tend to be classified as scale models.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way, as mentioned in the podcast I'd like to suggest another category: tools.
    This is a sculpting blade I made for miniatures sculpting. Pre- and post finishing.

    Right now I have a hard time figuring what category it would fit in.

  16. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    minimaker, my background is similar, the question is what is supposed to be in Shapeways. Just like "nut" in a mechanical application has one meaning, and in a farm, other.

    In different countries, things are called differently as traditions and translations sometimes make a finer classification, or the contrary, puts lots of things into one term. For example, I've seen the term "miniature" used for 25, (classical) 54 and 120 mm models, and some of those models never were intended for wargaming (what is more, some people would look over the shoulder when hearing the word "wargame" even if the model is 25mm, and they will tell you how wargames came later, etc). And all big articulated figures would be called something like "toy" (with more over the shoulder gazes). ^_^

    My conclusion (no official reply, one personal reply) is that we'll never be happy with classifications and that targeting a global market with a mix of product is going to as "easy" as yellow pages (thousand sections, and even so you look in multiple places).

    [Fix silly typos]
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  17. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    I like the categories thus far and really like the fact that they ARE limited. Although, I am not entirely sure if 2 categories are enough...3 max would be nice.

    But I can survive with 2 if no one else agrees with me.
  18. MichielCornelissen
    MichielCornelissen New Member
    Question: what does gift guide mean? Would that be something a customer is looking for?

    Suggestion: perhaps a category or subcategory for accessories, as in apple accessories, but could eventually be to other products/electronics (kindle, blackberry, etc) as well. Maybe that is what's meant in gadgets/accessories? Not completely clear.

    Also, I don't really like the sound of the 'gadgets' as a category; although I can't really explain why... sounds a bit cheap and random, maybe.
  19. I never even noticed this topic before! :p
    I have pondered the subject a little, though. First off, though not really relevant to my stuff so far, I wonder if the Seasonal section should be expanded a bit. We've got Weddings, but it seems that maybe that should be expanded to other personal events like Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.
    And we have a category for Christmas (I'm not sure it should be limited to 'decorations', though), but no room for any other religious (or non-religious) annual celebration. We may not have much (if any) call at present for specific subheadings, but there may well in future be items celebrating (for instance), Diwali, Hannukah, Yule etc, as well as things like various Saint's days, and even New Year (whichever that may be :p).

    More relevant to me, I'm surprised there isn't an actual "Toys" category somewhere, either as a subcat under Hobby (most likely), or a subdivided section of its own.
    Actually, if there's doubt over the Games section, it could always be lumped into the classic Toys and Games, including action figures, accessories, toy vehicles, dice, gaming miniatures, and puzzles (if you don't think it's ready for its own section ;))

    Is there only room for one level of subdivision?

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  20. Dexter
    Dexter New Member
    Hi all,

    Don't know if this topic is still open, but I'd like to see a categorie 'Scientific models' or something like that. Because that is what my models are. At the moment I'd have to put them in art/mathematical but that doens't fit really.