featured shop models -- why?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by dadrummond, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. dadrummond
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    How are the "featured shop models" on the home page chosen? They are indicated to be the "latest and coolest models". However, the models featured are neither particularly recent nor highly rated.

    Some (preferably simple) formula combining most recent and highly rated be used to populate the list. (I'd also be curious to see "top sellers.") Objects with actual photographs of printed versions should be given preference.
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  2. dadrummond
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    Any response? In case the feedback is misinterpreted: as of right now, I don't have a shop, and have no vested interest in seeing anybody's models featured or not. But I am a huge Shapeways supporter, and it's just very strange to have the same quirky (at best!) set of "latest and coolest" models featured every day.

    Without leveling any criticism at the designers, some facts about the most often-featured models -- ones that can be seen day after day, despite the "latest and coolest" tagline: "Broken Free" has no picture suggesting it has ever been printed; "Wedding Cake Statue" was designed for a particular couple getting married; "Media Die" is rated 3 of 5 stars, whereas the top ten models sorted by rating all have 5 of 5 stars; and "Ring Terry" is a custom model built to be a mold for a particular client and is not complete as printed -- and it cannot even be purchased.

    Even featuring the top four models by rating would be a vast improvement. This is Shapeways' advertisement to the world, and it currently makes the site look amateur. Moreover, many Shapeways sellers are being denied revenue when non-purchasable models like "Ring Terry" are featured, directing hundreds of views its way.

    Thanks for listening. I hope the feedback is taken in the right spirit -- I'd like to see Shapeways be as successful as possible!
  3. pp
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    Thanks for your feedback. It is noticed and our homepage is high on my priority list to keep relevant and inspiring.

    If our homepage were a blank page for you put together what would be the information you would put there...?

    Cheers Peter Paul
  4. joris
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    I've updated them and will keep a closer watch on those models in the future.

    Some of the galleries update manually, some are chosen this lead to some confusion on my part.
  5. Youknowwho4eva
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    My problem has always been with the recently printed section. It seems that that goes off of if you have uploaded an image, but most images are renderings rather then prints. As far as the featured shop models. What if there was a monthly contest, and every month a "Shop owner of the Month" was selected. And for the next month, that Shop owners work would be displayed? Or maybe a rotation of "Active" shops. Shops that the owner is logged on within a certain time period, adding items.
  6. joris
    joris New Member
    Good idea.

    We are thinking of changing the title also. But, I think that having some kind of "regularity" and transparency in the choice process would be beneficial.

  7. dadrummond
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    Much better! Thanks for the update.

    As to what I want to see on the homepage:

    - What are the top-ranked models by user rating, sales, # of prints; what are the fastest-moving new models in terms of prints?
    - Most recent feature article for designers (e.g., update on Joris's blog, new tutorial, new useful post by a member)
    - New promotions & contests

    Additional feedback:
    - Everywhere on the site: show me pictures that are clearly marked "real" or "render"...a little dot in the corner, or something, but this information is really important. Some renderers are really good.
    - If a real picture is available, don't show the render, show the real thing! E.g., the render of the Media Die is shown, but that object has been printed and photos have been posted -- use them!
    - Show me what's been printed, in what material. If an object has been ranked 5 stars by 100 users, but has been printed once, that is crucial information. If it's been ranked 2 stars by 1 user, but has been printed 100 times, that's also revealing. I'd like to see: how many total prints, and how many prints in each of the materials. (If it's never been printed in WSF, only metal, I want to know before I buy it in WSF.)

    Again, thanks for listening.
  8. pp
    pp New Member
    Great feedback. thanks!
    The current change to the content of the homepage was something that could be done quite fast. Your other points will be take on board for future updates for they require some more work.

    Your point on renders and real pics is very valid. Currently the model owner is in control of that and not us. Adding a property on upload could be a good solution.

    Thanks if you have more ... feel free to let me know

    Peter Paul