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Discussion in 'Feature this!' started by jeff, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. jeff
    jeff New Member
    still have never had any products featured on the front page...
    (update: I've actually had Canvas Wrap Tree, 67 Degrees and Building Block all featured and should pay more attention)
    not to complain, but I'll complain. would be nice to see a better rotation of not the same products from designers that have enjoyed a lot of time on the front page. delete this forum if it's not going to be utilized.
    (update: this forum is utilized and effort is put into selecting a variety of designs that meet certain criteria)

    ranting over, here's my honey ring. would love to see it featured. http://www.shapeways.com/model/229121/honey_ring.html

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  2. stop4stuff
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    I don't know if you realised, but your Honey Ring was featured in the Friday Finds blog entry, which is also announced on Twitter... it might also be featured in the next newsletter too.

    Also have a read of this post http://www.shapeways.com/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=2590&a mp;start=0&

    And the eight Featured products on Shapeways homepage change if you refresh the page - there's an algorithm at work for that one, but I'm pretty sure that one of the criteria is something like 'an official Shapeways this-should-be-featured' flag.

    fwiw, I love the items you design [​IMG]

  3. jeff
    jeff New Member
    thanks for the response, I was aware of those posts, and probably sounded ungrateful, which I am not. I just see being on the front splash page as being very helpful in driving traffic to your design and was feeling sorry for myself for never getting there, alas I'm over it.
  4. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hey Jeff,

    our usual bribe for a spot on the homepage is a keg of beer ;)

    On a more serious note: good point, we'll work on that!


  5. bitstoatoms
    bitstoatoms Member
    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for bringing this up,
    I do check this forum just about every day to see what is new and exceptional on Shapeways.

    I have had recent discussions on the criteria for the front page, what we feature and why.

    Firstly we will only feature items with good photographs, that are well lit, clear in a 450x324 or 700x519 format. We want to ensure items on the front page have been successfully 3D printed. We also will change models based on current promotions be they seasonal, material or style. We will also help promote those items that are being promoted online and are proven to be popular.

    We would love to see curation of the front page put into the hands of the community, but we first need to set the presentation standards by the images you see on the front page.

    Jeff your items are a great example of this and in the past we have featured on the front page your Canvas Wrap Tree, 67 Degrees and Building Block.

    If you would like to submit some ideas for the front page you can curate a group by making a widget of your favorite 12 to 16 items and let me see what you have in mind?

    Thanks again, Duann

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  6. jeff
    jeff New Member
    so Duann, what you're saying is I should pay more attention to the site and abstain from making assumptions because it's difficult to curate a selection of designs that meet shapeways' criteria as well as pleasing all the community members.

    well put & keep up the good work. I'll see about putting together a collection of designs from the community to promote.