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    Designers - This is your chance to get noticed! If you want to be featured on our website, blog, emails or press releases, post your latest and greatest prints here.

    We get hundreds of requests for us to feature the most creative and amazing designs. Here's how to stand out:
    Your design MUST have been printed. This is only guideline that is not optional. We don't want to feature something only to find out we can't print it. So please have a picture of the finished product and include what material(s) it's been printed in.
    Tell us where to link to online to find the product. This can be a link to the product for sale in the Shapeways marketplace or anywhere else online.
    Tell us the story behind the product! Was there a problem you were trying to solve with your design? What inspired you to create the design? What makes the item special/different? How has the product fixed the problem?
    How was Shapeways important in bringing your idea to life? Anything we could have done better to make things easier?
    Did anyone else help in creating your product? Did you base your model off someone else's or see a blog post that inspired you?

    We check this section all the time to find new designs to feature, so post early and post often! Your creativity is what makes Shapeways such an exciting place and we love share that excitement!

    If you have any questions about any of these feel free to email Community Manager Andrew Thomas or myself Mike
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Thread Status:
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