Feature request: Integration with 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay in my Shop settings

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  1. giorgio79
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    I would like a checkbox in my shop settings that would enable me displaying my products on Amazon and Ebay (I guess it would be a bit more complex, like selecting the appropriate categories, adjusting prices for Amazon general price rule etc). Please note this is not just a vigilante feature request, but some SW competitors are sniffing around such features already http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/01/02/amazon-hops-3d-prin t-order-ship/
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  2. FabMeJewelry
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    We would love a feature like this, too bad competitive service has beaten us to it :(

    Still there are a lot of other on- and off-line marketplaces shapeways could team up with !!
  3. giorgiomartini
    giorgiomartini New Member
    would be cool to do an app for shopify, like the guys at theprintfull :


    you can add your own eshop, they outsource the whole thing and they even make it look like you send it with your branding...

  4. giorgio79
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  5. numarul7
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    Try to sell a jewelry in gold on that site ...a pendant of 3.000 euro , and have fun! You must first purchase a product in the material you will sell.

    So Shapeways beat the competitor times ago.

    And if you read forum you will see there is a process of changing the ad part.
  6. giorgio79
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  7. numarul7
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