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  1. Firewhale123
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    I have been looking at FD and FUD and I noticed it was good for painting and detail. But when i read more, it said it can be irritatating to eyes and skin, and it said what to do if it get in contact with your eyes/skin. Is this stuff dangerous? It may sound like a stupid question but im kinda new and I dont know much. Thank you

  2. Firewhale123
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    Please help me :blush: :( :cry:
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  4. tessman
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    After posting the link to the MSDS, I get the feeling this is only talking about the uncured material, so what you get is probably not so hazardous, but I have no direct experience. Maybe someone else can shed some light.
  5. aeron203
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    Tessman is right, the MSDS refers to the uncured resins. Even though the parts are cleaned, there is probably a small amount of uncured resin on the surface. It is safe to handle the models, but for a model that would be in constant contact with the skin, like jewelery, use WSF material which is Nylon.

    Do not eat FUD models or give them to children.

  6. Firewhale123
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm thinking of making custom lego peices and other models as a hobby. I think it would be best if I used WSF or WUD. Thanks :)