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    I recently went on 'The Feed' on the homepage and realised one of my designs being added to someone's Favorites, out of curiosity I wanted to see If anyone else had added the design to their Favorites, however when I view the design, I cannot see who has added it to their Favorites as there isn't the box labelled 'Add to Favorites' which below usually lists the people whose Favorite it is, this is the same with all my designs. I have tried this logged in and out, I cleared my cookies and I even went to the site using a proxy, I am just confused why I can't see what I can see on everyone else's model pages, the 'Add to Wishlist' and 'Add to Favorites' button which below shows who has added the design to Favorites.
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    Yes, I made the same remark here.
    I am wondering if it is a bug or some "not so easy to understand" behaviour.
    Sometimes you can see favorites.
    Example this model: http://www.shapeways.com/model/273819/
    But the model page shows only 9 persons while the "feed" indicates 40!
    Since the total number is not indicated but the persons' names instead, I am wondering if this is not due to people having their favorite item list being private...
    Anyways, the "anonymous" should be counted, for sure...

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    here's an update: we'll improve this page. In the mean time, here's some background information: the Product Detail page indeed only shows up to a limit number of users who have favorited the item AND have a public list.