Farmer seeks philanthropic/bored modeling guru

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by admeek, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. admeek
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    So, I run a small veggie farm. I have a little pond which is spring and stream fed. Lots of fishies living/pooping in it, supplying lots of nutrients and indicating a healthy supply of dissolved oxegen in the water. So I strap some empty water bottles to a tray of 4'' pots filled with hydroton clay pellets with lettuce planted in them. Details for later, it works! Happy looking lettuce growing quickly, floating out on the sunny pond. My next ambition is to use trays which exploit the abilities of 3-d printing to achieve these qualities:

    The trays should
    - have a usable "tray" space of at least 8"x8"
    - use capillary action to passively move water from the bottom side of the tray to the top side, where plants in soil blocks can absorb it (I want to eliminate the need for hydroton which is quite expensive).
    - use printed-in ballasts to maintain buoyancy with a 2.5 pound load. At all times the bottom side of the tray should be submerged, while the top side where the soil blocks rest remains above water (e.g. plants should never be submerged).
    - be able to quickly and easily be linked to create larger floating pads of interconnected trays. A tether point is also desirable.
    - be easily cleaned for reuse. Roots will probably try to grow into any opening between them and the water, and it will need to be possible to blast these clean with a pressure washer.

    I know there's a lot going on here. I'm a broke farmer, I can pay for prototyping of models but not for your priceless expertise, ingenuity and charm. Sorry and thanks.

    BAROBA New Member
    Hi Ad,

    I think that your idea of 3d-printing such an construction will become very expensive very quickly... If a 3d-print that barely fits over your pinkie already costs 5-10 dollars, try imaging your construction, and remember every doubling in length is at least 3 times more expensive.

    I think you will need to have to wait a little longer for prices to go done....


  3. mctrivia
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    3d printing would be ridiculously expensive. The best option would be a 2piece injection mold but you would need large runs to be affordable. CNCing could be reasonable but likely more still then you will want to pay(if you are to broke to pay me)
  4. admeek
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    Thanks for the warnings on the price. I've found someone to work with me on the modeling, and I will keep my fingers crossed that the price of 3d printing continues to drop. I'll make as much forward progress on the idea as money allows for now..

    how large is large for a run in reference to the last comment about injection molding?
  5. mctrivia
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    at least 100 for protoype and 1000, to 10000 for full runs.
  6. Reidh
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    need sketches or drawings of what you are saying, I am not an very conversant of hydroponics/floating gardening

    send to:

    will work cheap